Spec Finish Card

When people appreciate something, often the 'finish' is what they appreciate. The colour, texture, luminousness...

Spec Furniture knows this and has put extraordinary effort into ensuring metal finishes are easy to perceive by using a compelling finish card. The PDF version is linked below, but the factory printed version is far superior. The reason is obvious once you put a printed PDF version next to an actual produced version. The colours are not printed, rather they are painted on the paper. This makes them more vibrant and more accurately descriptive of what actually will be on the final product.

In addition to compelling colours, the card is packed with other important information, including:

  • edge profiles for the various hardwood edges available for any Spec tops.
  • Standard wood finishes - even though Spec has stain-to-match at no upcharge! Standard wood finishes just make it easier to make a choice - there are laminate matches to industry standard colours.
  • PVC/2mm edge colours - the red rectangles next to some of the colours indicate that there is a PVC/2mm edge to match the Spectone colour. 
  • 2mm bioedge is an important option for Spec tables - 2mm is proving to be extremely durable, low-profile and eco-friendly.
  • Solid surface - there aren’t any finishes here, just a reminder that solid surface is available.
  • Remember the Quickship - certain table tops are available in quickship.


SitOnIt, Ideon Pricing Adjustment - April 2, 2018

Price Adjustment - Spec Furniture August 1, 2017